The revival of the original NiteFly Series! However, the new NiteFly models have been given a facelift thanks to superior aesthetics and upgraded features. Parker's improved NiteFly Series are great for players who loved the previous models and their sweet, full midrange tones. While the original NiteFly had a flat body, these new models include a carved mahogany body with a satin, gloss, or gloss flame top finish. With such a sleek look, the new NiteFly models also feel more comfortable for all players.

The RF522 is crafted in the Parker Fly body style with a carved mahogany body and a satin finish. It features a maple radial neck joint that not only enhances tone and stability, but also allows for easier upper fret access. With this radial neck joint, the NiteFly can transfer tone from the neck to the body better than conventional bolt-on guitars with no lateral slippage. It also has an ebony fingerboard and stainless steel frets for a lifetime of effortless play. Sperzel® Trim-Lok™ tuners for superior tuning stability are standard and Parker's custom-cast aluminum vibrato bridge allows for expressive play.

A rich palatte of tones can be coaxed from its Seymour Duncan® Jazz neck pickup and JB bridge pickup. Graph Tech™ ghost® piezo saddles and an Acousti-phonic Modular Pre-amp add realistic acoustic tones and can be combined with the magnetic pickups for an even wider array of attainable sounds. The RF522 is also Midi upgradable.

SERIES: Radial Series
STYLE: Nitefly Radial
BODY: Carved Mahogany Body
MATERIAL: Maple Neck
FRETBOARD: Ebony Fingerboard
FRET MATERIAL: Hardened Stainless Steel Frets
NUT: Graphtech Nubone Nut
NUT WIDTH: 1.68" Graphtech
SCALE: 25.5
PICKUPS: Seymour Duncan Custom Flat (Bridge/middle/neck) & Ghost Piezo
PICKUP CONFIGURATION: Seymour Duncan Hum/Hum, Graphtech Ghost piezos
CONTROLS: Master Mag Volume, Master Mag Tone (push/pull for coil tap!) Piezo Volume, 3w Mag toggle and 3w Mag/piezo toggle
HARDWARE: Black Hardware
BRIDGE: Parker Vibrato Bridge
TUNERS: Sperzel Trim-lok Tuners 6-in-line
FINISH: Satin Finish
STRINGS: D'addario EXL120 .009-.042
CASE: FHC2 Fly Case (Included)