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Signature Artists Adrian Belew
Adrian Belew
Vernon Reid
Vernon Reid

Adrian Belew Signature DF842


Following in the footsteps of The Adrian Belew Signature Fly is the DF842. With the exception of the Line 6 electronics, the DF842 comes with all the unique features of Adrian's signature Fly in our new DF body style. Among the Seymour Duncan TB4 bridge pickup & Sperzel® Trim-Lok™ Tuners this guitars comes loaded with two unique features:


1. Sustainiac® Stealth PRO neck pickup. This pickup produces intense, predictable, and infinite feedback sustain. With the Sustainiac® you can achieve screaming feedback at any volume. You can also “morph” the sustained string vibration into cool-sounding upper harmonics during a solo using the Harmonic Mode control. When the sustainer is off, the driver functions as an active neck pickup.

2. RMC® Pow'r Bridge 'PF" Saddles & RMC® Poly-Drive 1 Preamp. The 6 pickup signals from the RMC® sensor saddles are preamplified & equalized separately. These buffered string signals are also mixed together and further equalized to produce the Saddles Mix signal.




  • Carved Mahogany body with Mahogany neck
  • Parker custom-cast aluminum vibrato bridge
  • Carbon/Glass fiber fretboard with 24 stainless steel frets
  • Sustainiac® Stealth PRO neck pickup
  • MIDI capability
  • Seymour Duncan TB4 humbucker bridge pickup
  • 5-way mag pickup selector
  • RMC® Pow'r Bridge 'PF" Saddles & RMC® Poly-Drive 1 Preamp.
  • Custom Parker vibrato system
  • 5 lbs


Available in Belew Berry or Artic Silver finish.
Learn more about the Adrian Belew Signature Fly from Adrian himself at www.parkerguitars.com/adrianbelew or www.adrianbelew.net.

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Adrian Belew Signature Fly DF


Vernon Reid Signature MaxxFly DF824VR


Vernon Reid is a British-born, American guitarist, best known for his role in Living Colour, which he founded circa 1984. As a tremendous song writer, Reid helped Living Colour to win two Grammy Awards, two MTV Music Video Awards, two International Rock Awards and numerous New York Music Awards. Besides playing a key role in Living Colour, Reid has created solo albums and worked with artists like guitarist Carlos Santana and African singer Salif Keita.

The DF824VR is skillfully constructed of a poplar body, top and neck with a Parker Finger Joint set neck, and ebony fretboard. The DF824VR has a Floyd Rose original bridge, Grover® tuners, EMG SAX neck and middle pickup and an EMG 81X bridge pickup. It is available with a violet pearl and black cherry finish with black hardware.




  • Carved Poplar body and Poplar neck
  • Floyd Rose original bridge
  • Carbon/Glass fiber fretboard with 22 stainless steel frets
  • EMG 81X (bridge) and 81 SAX (Neck & Middle) active pickups
  • Roland GK-kit-GT3 MIDI Pickup
  • 5-way mag pickup selector
  • Black hardware
  • Grover tuners
  • 6 lbs.


Available in Black Cherry, Black Ice & Hand Painted HX finishes.

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Vernon Reid Signature MaxxFly VRBC

Vernon Reid Signature MaxxFly VRBI

Vernon Reid Signature MaxxFly VRHX