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Fly Deluxe

These are the breakthrough guitars that have been chosen by many of the world’s finest and most respected players since it was first introduced in 1992. Sleek, balanced, and incredibly responsive, the Parker Fly Deluxe is absolutely unmatched in its range of electric and acoustic sounds. Weighing in at approximately 5 lbs., the Deluxe features a Basswood neck, Seymour Duncan® pickups, Sperzel® Trim-Lok™ tuners, and a Graph Tech™ ghost® piezo electronics system.
The Fly Deluxe has a Solid Poplar body, for an edge that’s characteristic of R&B and Country & Western.




  • Carved Poplar body with Basswood neck
  • Parker custom-cast aluminum vibrato bridge, stainless steel saddles
  • Carbon/Glass fiber fretboard with 24 stainless steel frets
  • Seymour Duncan custom wound pickups
  • 3-way mag pickup selection with push-pull coil tap
  • Graph Tech™ ghost® piezo saddles Acousti-phonic Modular Pre-amp
  • Midi upgradable
  • Custom Parker vibrato system
  • Approx. 5 lbs


Fly Deluxe Standard Finishes: Dusty Black, Galaxy Gray, Majik Blue. Also available in select custom finishes.

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Fly Deluxe Majik Blue

Fly Deluxe Galaxy Gray

Fly Deluxe Dusty Black

Fly Deluxe B

Fly Deluxe LG

Fly Deluxe RR

Fly Deluxe TNG

Fly Deluxe EG